Delicate Gypsum Plaster

This pre-mixed ready to use powder is light weight and less in density. Due to the additives based in this hemihydrate, gypsum plaster is suitable for application on most internal background surface link Bricks, Blocks and Concrete.

Suitable for most internal surfaces.

Shrinkage and Crack free surfaces.

Super White & very smooth surface once finished.

Initial setting time : 10 to 15 minutes

Final setting Time : upto 72 hours

Approximate Coverage 73 Sq.m / MT depends upon surface. Upto 10-12 mm thickness

Gypsum is environmentally friendly building material.

It makes Shrinkage-crack free surfaces and gives a smooth finish.

Gypsum plaster makes work faster. Reduces plastering time by 70% when compared to conventional Sand cement plaster and POP method.

It is durable and light weight. Reduces dead load on structure.

Its ready to use. Direct Application from the bagged product. Requires no water curing.

Gypsum has very low thermal conductivity. It saves electricity used for Air Conditioning.

Direct application on brick, block or RCC. No separate finishing product required.

After application, the surface is Ready to Paint. No other application required.

Plaster should be applied upto 10-12 mm in single coat application. Apply multiple coats, if required thickness is more.

In recent years, the construction sector has witnessed a number of new trends, technology advancements and innovations across applications, all aimed at making construction faster and delivering higher performance.

However, very few would have imagined that the substitute for the generations old method of sand cement surface plastering will be an even older method of plastering i.e. gypsum plastering. Gypsum has proved to be a miraculous material aiding interior construction. Gypsum surface plaster is one form that has caught the attention on the sector and is growing in popularity.

Gypsum has been used as a building material since the construction of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Over the past 3,500 years, or so, it has become one of the most important minerals used in manufacturing construction materials and many other products.

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