Benzer Bond Gypsum Plaster

BestFix Bonzer Bond is a green colored, high performance bonding agent for Gypsum and cement plaster on concrete blocks/RCC Surfaces. It gives very strong bonding strength between Gypsum plaster and substrate surface to all gypsum based materials.

Ready to apply, single coat paint application for smooth and low suction backgrounds.

Very strong mechanical cum chemical bond is created.

Green in color of BestFix gives it good visibility.

No hacking required on concrete surface. Hence prevention of microcracking in concrete and saving of labour.

Water Proof and Impact resistant.

Depending on background suction,approximate coverage would be 5 sq.m per kg

It is an elaastomeric material & hence can withstand movements in the structure without cracking.

Bonding agent, used to bond gypsum plasters on smooth low suction surfaces and eliminate hacking.

To create a special surface/ RCC Structure for smoother application of Gypsum.

It is a water based emulsion, having pH value within a range of 7 to 9, which makes it neutral non reactive.

Ready to apply, not to be mixed or diluted.

To be applied as a Single Coat.

Contains fine aggregates to impart better mechanical bond.

Green in color, easy to identify applied surfaces.

One Coat Plaster can be applied any time once Best Bond dries completely on to the surface, approximate time for drying is 24 hours (depending upon climatic conditions).

Available in 5 Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg, 20Kg and 25 Kg Buckets.

Approximate coverage would be 5.0 Sq mt. per Kg., depending upon background surface and its suction properties.

Plaster should be applied upto 10-12 mm in single coat application. Apply multiple Coats, if required thickness is more.

In recent years, the construction sector has witnessed a number of new trends, technology advancements and innovations across applications, all aimed at making construction faster and delivering higher performance.

Best Fix Selenite Pvt.Ltd. offers finest quality building construction and renocation products, which can give shape to your challenging interior renovation ideas. The company has been established as a reputed manufacturer and project supplier of premium quality Gypsum ready mix Plaster and Gypsum Plaster Bond, which are marketed under the brand name 'BESTFIX'.